About Lenders Direct
Shaun Bonett

Shaun Bonett – Managing Director

Shaun Bonett is responsible for the strategic direction of Lenders Direct and plays an active role sourcing and approving finance transactions across Australia. Shaun’s depth of experience in the development and investment sector allows him to understand the needs of borrowers and the pressures they face in a highly competitive market. Shaun’s role does not end at the loan approval and settlement stage. Borrowers find his expertise in similar projects invaluable and regularly seek out his counsel.

Geoffrey Tauber – Executive Chairman

Geoffrey Tauber chairs the credit and loan approval committee of Lenders Direct, a role he is ideally suited to. Having been closely associated with assisting the Precision Group’s own financing structures for various projects, Geoffrey is able to quickly grasp the key elements of a project, helping to guide the Company and its customers to mutually beneficial solutions. Geoffrey also has a vast working knowledge of development opportunities throughout Australia. This personal knowledge gives Lenders Direct the ability to quickly assess the potential of finance opportunities without wasting valuable time.

Ron Zucker

Ron Zucker – General Counsel

Ron Zucker is a lawyer with more than 30 years experience, mainly in banking and finance. Ron gives Lenders Direct specialist professional counsel on the structuring of loans and security requirements. An internal resource enables the Company to obtain immediate legal input on all transactions and give borrowers a direct and prompt assessment of the legal requirements of potential loans. This early insight consistently saves time and money.